Morning Meditation


Free Event
Fully accessible


Indulge in some quiet-ish time. Perfect for a bit of recovery and rejuvenation.

27–30 January, 10–11am

COVID 19 Information

Indoor/outdoor: Indoor
Masks required: Yes
TasGov COVID Safe capacity: 190
Mona Foma capacity: 140

This is a combination indoor/outdoor venue in a public space.

emily cloud

27 January

A woman with dark hair plays a violin, her eyes closed. She is in a cave, and there are stalactites behind her.

Pieces for violin and viola written in the depths of caves, in blackened forests, and submerged and surrounded by kelp. Haunting and emotive.

Prospectus Saxophone Quartet

Saxophone Special

28 January

Saxophone quartet led by ex-New Yorker Phillip Johnston—featuring Tasmanians Danny Healy, Spike Mason and Tristan Meffre—play a suite of tunes by Steve Lacy (originally released as Saxophone Special), plus a handful of other Lacy works and originals of Phillip’s own. Plenty of saxophone, plenty of special.

Skanda Vidhyalaya

Saturday 29 January

Santhanam and the team present sung hymns from the Hindu scriptures, seeking to spread love and positive vibrations.

Chloe Kim

30 January

A woman smiles at the camera, holding crossed drumsticks (the playing kind) in one hand. She has long earrings. There’s a nice-looking tree in the background.

Improvised drum set solos influenced by traditional Korean rhythms (plus some duets with a shakuhachi).