DJ TR!P + Scot Cotterell

Organ Donor

A close-up of the weathered, grubby keys of an old electric organ. There are pictures of Jesus and Mary in the background, as well as a Polaroid of yet more organ keys.
Free Event
Fully accessible


Dozens of rescued seventies-era organs are saved from a fate worse than death (which is to say: ending up at the tip), and used for compositions, improvisations, and chance encounters.

DJ TR!P, Scot and special collaborator Mat Ward will give the organs one final musical fling before they’re released back into the community.

Opening Thursday 27 January, 5–6pm
Friday 28–Sunday 30 January, 12–7pm

COVID 19 Information

Indoor/outdoor: Indoor
Masks required: Yes
Pre-COVID capacity: 300 TasGov COVID Safe capacity: 150
Mona Foma capacity: 60