Foundation IHOS Amsterdam (Cancelled)

PRIMORDIAL For Piano and Diverse Media

A woman stands over the open top of a grand piano, looking down towards the strings. She's holding things in her fingertips and appears to be doing something to the piano with them.

Regrettably—due to pandemic-related travel restrictions—we have had to cancel PRIMORDIAL. All tickets will be refunded in full. Ticket holders have been sent an email with further instructions.

A time-travelling marriage of science and sound, PRIMORDIAL begins with the tectonic grindings that formed the Flinders Ranges, before moving through to the appearance of the Ediacara fossils—among the first forms of multicellular life on earth.

The ‘time machine’ used for this journey looks suspiciously like a piano (with some additions) to be plucked, stroked and hammered by Gabriella Smart.

By Constantine Koukias
Piano: Gabriella Smart
Tape Sound Design: Mischa Duncan te Pas
Live Sound Design: Greg Gurr
Lighting Design: Jason James

Presented in partnership with Foundation IHOS Amsterdam

This venue is fully accessible, but if you need to book an accessible seat, call Ticket Support on +61 (3) 6277 9978.

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