Ed Atkins


A very close-up quite realistic computer-generated picture of a man's scowling face. The one eye we can see is looking straight at us. The rest of the frame is taken up with what looks like other parts of a body, with tattoos on.
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A video work of horror, musicals and melodrama from artist Ed Atkins. It features a computer-generated avatar and anti-hero; a voyeur and troll; a graphic performing loss and monstrousness; and perhaps, a version of the artist himself.

Friday 21–Sunday 23 January, 12–6pm


Curated by Emma Pike

Artwork: Ribbons (Video still), 2014, Ed Atkins

Copyright Ed Atkins

Courtesy of the artist, dépendance, Brussels, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, Cabinet Gallery, London, and Gladstone Gallery

Venue supported by Du Cane Brewing

COVID 19 Information

Indoor/outdoor: Indoor
Masks required: Yes
TasGov COVID Safe capacity: 130
Mona Foma capacity: 20

This is an indoor venue with very little fresh air circulating.

This artwork runs for approximately 12 minutes, but attendance time is determined by you.