Ed Atkins

The Worm

A realistic computer-generated man's face, so close that all you can really see is his nose, eyes, and forehead. His eyes are closed and he's wearing fine-rimmed gold spectacles. Bright light reflects from the glass.
Free Event
Fully accessible


A mid-lockdown phone call between the artist and his mother, digitally recreated from the motion-capture suit he wore for the conversation. It's a meditation on 'contagious, hereditary poison,' but also— as Ed says—on 'love! Tenderness!'

Friday 28 January, 5–9pm
Saturday 29 + Sunday 30 January, 2–7pm


Curated by Emma Pike

Artwork: The worm (Video still), 2021, Ed Atkins

Venue supported by LERH Services Pty Ltd

COVID 19 Information

Indoor/outdoor: Indoor
Masks required: Yes
TasGov COVID Safe capacity: 380
Mona Foma capacity: 40